How to land your dream job? Get the tips from HR

Carnegie is always looking for the best talents. When evaluating candidates, we look for good academic results, the right skills, and relevant experience – however, most importantly: your motivation for the job and our company. Here are some of the best tips from our HR on how to stand out from the crowd when trying to land a job in Carnegie.

The Application:

  • Get to know our company – why do you want to work at Carnegie?
  • Customize each application to the specific job
  • Show us that you are ambitious and a hard worker. Good results from education and previous jobs are always a plus
  • If you are a student, come visit us on career days or student events. This will give you insights that online searches cannot give, and in turn demonstrate you motivation for the role
  • Know your skills and strengths and communicate them in the application letter. If you have examples to show, even better!
  • Communicate your interest and motivation for the financial industry. This can be through your academic choices, internships, student activities, or other hobbies
  • Make sure to answer all questions and upload all documents requested
  • Take your time when writing the application letter and make sure to avoid typos
  • Keep it simple and concrete in the application letter – 1 page is enough
  • Remember to make sure that your application is coherent and that you have presented the full range of your skills and experiences

The Interview:

  • Always be well prepared and on time
  • Be focused, and make sure to not be disturbed during the interview
  • Try to relax and be yourself – we are interested in getting to know you!
  • Be confident, but not arrogant
  • Be prepared for both soft and technical questions (for example accounting and valuation questions)
  • Listen and pay close attention to the questions. It is ok to ask us to repeat or take some time to think
  • Be curious and enthusiastic – do not be afraid to ask us any questions!
  • Highly important: communicate your motivation for the exact position and for Carnegie as an employer
  • Our interviews can be challenging; however, our goal is always to give you an interesting and good experience

And remember – whether you get the job or not, it is always good practice to write applications and getting interview experience. This will make you even better prepared for next time.

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