Carnegie is proud to be a sponsor of Indøk Finansklubb (InFi) at NTNU

Håkon Stenberg, Thea Dahl, Erlend Brevik, and Arne-Olav Grimsgård

Carnegie is proud to be a sponsor of the student-run finance and investment group, Indøk Finansklubb (InFi), at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

In October 2022, Carnegie AS entered a sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Student Association regarding InFi. 

InFi is a finance and investment club for students, where the acquisition of knowledge within stock analysis through presentations and discussions is central. The group counts around 27 members, studying Industrial Economics and Technology Management (INDØK) at NTNU in Trondheim. InFi was established to create a learning arena where INDØK students can discuss financial and equity interests.

Carnegie will contribute with both professional expertise and financial support. The ambition is to increase the interest in the stock market among the students and promote the many opportunities within Carnegie and the financial sector.

Carnegie works to increase interest and brand our industry as an attractive place to work

Our goal is to reach out to the students at NTNU with an interest in finance, and most importantly, inspire and create greater knowledge about the financial sector. By attracting interest in a career within the industry, we hope to see more ambiguous students choose to pursue a career at Carnegie.

Furthermore, the students get a unique opportunity to get to know our employees and work environment. The collaboration with InFi is a key contributor to allowing interaction and direct dialogue with students at NTNU. – We are looking forward to the collaboration with talented INDØK students!

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