Corporate Governance

Bord of directors

Bjørn Jansson ( Chairman) Mai-Lill Ibsen and Anders Antas.


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Christian Begby
Chief Executive Officer
+47 22009328 
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Petter Hagen
Head of Investment Banking
+47 22009384
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Chr. Frederik Lunde
Head of Securities
+47 22009379
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Fredrik Bø
Head of Project Finance
+47 22009431
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Contact business support

Helene Olsen
+47 22009302 
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Anne Britt Lieberg
Business Support
+47 22009389 
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Hanne Myhre
Head of Settlement
+47 22009368
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Heidi Thorbjørnsen
Accounting Manager
+47 22009306
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Øyvind Ruud
Head of IT
+47 22009318
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