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About us

Carnegie – Leading Nordic Investment Bank – offers a range of financial products and services to Nordic and international clients from offices in six countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK and USA.

The Nordic market is different from other markets through different languages, culture and regulations. To deliver the best service and the best products in this market requires a local presence. Our Securities department is aimed at two client groups; institutional and private investors, served by dedicated stock brokers

Our service


Within Brokerage and Sales Trading, we offer investment advice and cash trading of Nordic shares, bonds and derivatives (listed and unlisted). Carnegie’s traders have a strong equity research team behind them to support their advice. Carnegie also has an extensive network of institutional investors

Custody lending

As a service to our professional clients, Carnegie AS can offer up to 70 per cent financing of Nordic listed securities. The degree of financing varies with different securities depending on liquidity and volatility. You will find a list of the securities we finance and the margin requirements here (link).

Adding leverage to your investment portfolio can be a capital efficient way to maximise your return, but does also increase your risk. Our service assists you in managing risks by maintaining sound margin requirements, and by informing you promptly if your portfolio approaches margin breach.

If you have questions about custody lending, or want to apply for a credit limit, please contact your broker at Carnegie AS. We only offer custody lending to clients who apply for a credit limit of NOK 2 million or more. 

Corporate Access

Carnegie’s Corporate Access and Events Management Teams are the market leaders in offering direct access to Nordic Management for key investors in the international and Nordic investment community.

With dedicated Corporate Access Teams and Events Management Teams in London, New York and each of the four Nordic countries, our ability to provide the following services for our clients is unparalled in the Nordic Region:

Roadshows – Company roadshows for Senior Management throughout the Nordic and international markets

Investor Trips – Tailor made individual and group investor trips to the Nordic region and beyond

Conference calls – Timely access to Nordic management when investors require it

Seminars and theme days – Held internationally (primarily in London) and throughout the Nordic Region