Personal Data Processing

We will protect your personal data and your integrity by making sure we take all the relevant actions in accordance with the applicable laws, for example GDPR. We register and process your personal data so that we can offer you our services and at the same time fulfill all our statutory duties. We may also process your personal data when you visit our website in the form of cookies, user information or other information that you register on the website. If you become a customer of Carnegie we will need to collect your personal data to fulfill the agreements we enter into with you and so that we can fulfill our duties as a financial institution.

We will not save your personal data for a longer period than what is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which your personal data was collected. How long that period may be depends on why the personal data was collected but if you become a customer of Carnegie we will need to save your personal data for as long as you stay a customer and a number of years thereafter, in order for us to fulfill legal requirements.

Under certain circumstances we may need to transfer your personal data to other Carnegie companies or other suppliers that work for us. When this happens we will demand that your personal data is treated as safe and secure as if it was processed by us. When required by law we may also share your personal data with different authorities. In some cases your personal data may be transferred to countries outside EU/EEA but only if we have made sure that sufficient protection measures are in place.

More specific information about how your personal data is processed is disclosed when we collect such data, for example in connection with you becoming a customer of Carnegie. You can also read more about our personal data processing in our Group Privacy Policy and in our General business terms and conditions.  

You can always request information concerning what personal data is processed by us, request to block direct marketing, deletion of personal data, limitations on the processing of personal data, data portability or the rectification of personal data by contacting Carnegie’s Data Protection Officer. You can also contact the Data Protection Officer to obtain further information about how the Carnegie processes personal data. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted through email: