A career in Securities is very varied, with many opportunities within a number of specialist functions.

What do we work with?

Our research team is one of the most highly ranked in the world with respect to analysis of Nordic companies. The team supplies in-depth analyses of companies and industries and provides recommendations of shares and strategic advice. Work within analysis is performed by teams of two to three persons who are responsible for the companies in a specific industry. Analysts also follow the development of the international competitors to the companies that they officially monitor. This work entails taking an active role at an early stage in valuation work, preparation of the analysis and participating in both client meetings and meetings with management of Norway’s largest companies. This is a highly entrepreneurial sector of the financial industry in which the analyst is ranked personally by the clients. Career advancement is thus determined by how skilled the analyst is, rather than his or her previous job experience.

Sales team/Sales trading (brokerage) is responsible for maintaining contact with client portfolio managers and for executing client orders. The client dialogue involves not only composition of the entire portfolio, but also recommendations of individual shares.

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