Carnegie’s role in the economy

Carnegie plays an important role in the market economy by contributing to channelling money in an efficient manner to productive investments that increase welfare in society.

Companies are dependent on capital for investments and the development of their operations. Both private and public companies need the advice and services of investment banks ro raise capital efficiently. Companies that are growing need advice and guidance in conjunction with mergers and acquisitions. Carnegie assists companies by providing resources in the form of expert knowledge and insight into the needs of both investors and companies.

The link between companies and investors
The shareholder tradition in the Nordic is strong. By supporting institutions and private persons in their decision to invest in stocks and other types of assets, Nordic companies gain access to capital and thus an opportunity to develop and grow. At the same time, institutions and private persons have a need to realise growth of their assets with favourable returns. Carnegie is thus also an important link bringing companies and investors togethet.

Asset management and financial advisory services
Carnegie provides asset management for private persons and institutions for different types of assets with an ambition to provide a favourble risk-adjusted return over time. Asset management is tailored to suit different individuals’ and investors’ needs and appetite for risk. As an independent player, Carnegie can offer the market’s best products in an open architecture.